Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What is this thing called LOVE

 It is a question that has many answers but it is a question yet to be answered. Some say it's a flying fantasy that can end anytime. Some say a gift of god to mankind. In movies we see and in saying we read loving someone is to be happy with the happiness of the one we love. Yet we are humans and not angels. There is always a hidden want and there is always hope but what happens when these hopes die? What happens when the light of love burns out? Life become a mess and living becomes a burden. And then the definition of love is pain. But to some it turns the other way. Their heart grows with light and their faces shine bright. To them life is bright and love is life. It's so confusing. It's so complicated. A simple question yet a complicated one with every heart feels the urge to know What is this thing called LOVE..!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Life must go ON...

I am surrounded by the same four walls. Everything is same; twinkling stars in the azure sky, the mountains are still green and the sunlight still bright. But why does everything seem so blue? Or is it my heart that doesn't have any clue. Maybe i have started looking at things differently or is it the things that appear differently. It's strange how our feelings change within no time. But i believe life must go on.

It's been ages for i have been trying to find what life really is? Years gone by but i am still stuck with that question. And sometimes i wonder if i would ever get the answer. Still then i believe life must go on.

Some say life is incredible and some say it is miserable. But i am left with no words. For i have never known what life really is. But still i believe life must go on.