Thursday, August 9, 2012

It Must Be You

For some reason, love is hard
I am still awkward
Actually i feel closer to my sadness
Love seems far away
We are so different from each other
The only thing we have in common is being fools

When i see you, my heart feels full
My rusty hard, my hardened heart
You have woken them up
Love me, hold me
So that the hurt I have kept hidden
My painful tears and sad loneliness
Will never come back

The person hidden by my tears for so long
The person I have waited for long days past
Must be you, it must be you
Even the deepest scars
Even the tears that have become a habit
You have made them better

I will show you everything
I will give you everything
All my love that I have saved up
So that the words "alone" and "goodbye"
We wont have between US
So that only "LOVE" remains.