Sunday, October 9, 2011

Life must go ON...

I am surrounded by the same four walls. Everything is same; twinkling stars in the azure sky, the mountains are still green and the sunlight still bright. But why does everything seem so blue? Or is it my heart that doesn't have any clue. Maybe i have started looking at things differently or is it the things that appear differently. It's strange how our feelings change within no time. But i believe life must go on.

It's been ages for i have been trying to find what life really is? Years gone by but i am still stuck with that question. And sometimes i wonder if i would ever get the answer. Still then i believe life must go on.

Some say life is incredible and some say it is miserable. But i am left with no words. For i have never known what life really is. But still i believe life must go on.


  1. in search of an answer, you already defined life in all your questions. of looking at things differently and thing starting to appear different with changing time, of changing feelings, of never finding the answer, of falling down and yet so moving on no matter what. you already found the answer i guess. but dont take my words seriously, just my thought :) its nice search

  2. :) must go on with or without reason......welcome to the world of blogging..:)

  3. If I am to define a life, I will have to modify the already defined definition of life a lot more time.

    Life is like "We never know what will happen next"

  4. @lotey- nice judgement..neway thank ku fo ua thoughts ((:
    @ sogyel- yea life must go on no matter wat..thank ku ((:
    @ yeesi7- nice one ((: